The ACT and SAT are touted as an exam over everything that students have learned from 8th grade on. The good news is, this isn't true. It is a finite amount of learnable content. The bad news is, it's still a whole heck of a lot of information. And often determines a student's academic and financial future.

Can you imagine walking into this 3+ hour exam without an instructor to review the information? No one can be prepared for that!

The first half of our workshop will be spent going over content and strategies for each section. After that, a full ACT or SAT test is administered. The following the workshop, a follow up meeting is scheduled with you and your student in order to discuss the necessary tools and process to jump start an individual preparation plan!





Approximately 2.2 million students will apply to Universities as traditional incoming freshmen this year and many of them will have good grades and standardized test scores. Writing a powerful essay that will allow you to stand apart is both difficult and vulnerable. Work with one of our tutors, an experienced University English professor, to not only explore the brainstorming process, but send your student home with a concrete outline and all the tools they need to write a full essay. After completing this workshop, you will have the opportunity to add on a package at a discounted price so your student can work individually with the instructor to complete and polish your exceptional essay.


Learning is hindered or facilitated by environment, state of mind, and knowledge of individual learning style. During this two hour session, students will be given two assessments: VARK and Birkman. A combination of these will give each student a holistic understanding of how to approach studying so that they can increase quality learning and decrease quantity time. Afterwards, the students will learn some style specific approaches to studying.
The following week, each student and parent will be given the opportunity to meet with the tutor in order to review a personalized study approach packet based on the workshop results.


Here’s the deal guys, learning WELL is just a really great skill. It applies to everyone: University students, work from home moms, COVID-19 homeschool moms, Homeschool moms all the time, students, employees, bosses…

Did I make my point?

EVERYONE learns.


We’ll send you a questionnaire to get an idea for what your individual needs are as well as a learning styles assessment. Then we’ll jump on a 20 min zoom call to review what your assessment results mean and give you a personalized list of immediately applicable tools for learning.