Designed as an entire curriculum and supplemented by academic coaching and private tutoring in order to individualize the program and ensure comprehension. Full content coverage, strategies, direct application, and access to a teacher with the answer to every question. ​​

​With approximately 2.2 million students applying to Universities as traditional incoming freshmen this year... 

The ACT Solution our proprietary course created with the combined knowledge of over 20 years of ACT teaching experience. 


TAS is unlike other ACT prep courses in that it doesn't just hand the kiddos a ton of information and say "learn it." Instead, through weekly paced videos, worksheets, and guided studying, this course addresses content knowledge gaps, and teach strategies that can be applied to significantly increase a score! It's 12 weeks with a 2-4 hour commitment per week. We use research based methods to assess learning styles and cater to each student individually. The result is really, truly amazing! Using these methods we have raised students' scores as much as 9 points.

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