We're thrilled you're considering one of our workshops! Designed not as entire curriculum, but instead jumping off points, our workshops teach salient, foundational information. Content outline, tips and tricks, brainstorming, and a teacher with the answer to every question. ​​

​With approximately 2.2 million students applying to Universities as traditional incoming freshmen this year... 

Our ACT/SAT workshops include a follow up meeting with the student and parent to explain what these tests scores mean and collaborate to create a plan to be prepared for these monster exams.

Our College Essay Workshop sends your student home with more than just a theoretical writing process. They will leave with a concrete outline and all the tools they need to write a powerful essay.

Our EOG workshop reviews the foundational knowledge needed to pass each exam as well as a proctored mock exam in order to pinpoint struggle points where extra studying could be beneficial. 

What will distinguish your student from the crowd?


Don't panic, we're here to help.

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